Build Support For Trains

Here are just a few immediate ideas about how you can help build support for more intercity passenger trains.

Ride Amtrak and encourage others you know to do the same.  Besides making you a more knowledgeable and persuasive advocate by being able to share your personal experiences, growing ridership leads to more public support for more trains.


Connect with other passenger rail supporters.

On Facebook?  Become fans of these groups:

Bring Amtrak to Madison
National Association of Railroad Passengers (NARP)

Join or subscribe to ProRail Action for the latest information and suggestions for action you can take.  You also can research our message archives anytime for information you may have missed or didn’t save.

Join or subscribe to ProRail Travel and read what other passenger rail travelers have to share.  Be sure to share your travel experiences with the rest of us.

Live in the Madison area? 

Attend ProRail meetings and events.  Find them when announced on this Web site or email us at

Join ProRail.  New members can join for $20 for the first year, which also automatically includes membership in the Wisconsin Association of Railroad Passengers.  Details here.

Volunteer with ProRailWe’re always looking for volunteers for both projects we’d like to do and projects they’d like to do.


Keep informed

Besides the above resources, check out:

Rail Matters where we post very brief messages, usually with links, about what’s happening with passenger rail in Madison, Wisconsin, and the Midwest.  If you’re already on Twitter, please follow us.

NARP Hotline This informative online weekly newsletter from the National Association of Railroad Passengers is issued each Friday afternoon.

And also

Bookmark and the other useful Web links shown here so you can find them quickly.  (You might want to create a “Trains” folder in your bookmarks.)

Look for other ways you can support passenger rail

Monitor media reports and respond..  Vote in relevant online polls.  Post your thoughts in the comment sections following many passenger rail news stories on newspaper, TV, and radio Web sites, as well as other online news and commentary sites. Suggest to other advocates they do the same.

Display an Amtrak wall calendar in your workspace.  It invariably will spark others to tell you about their interest in passenger trains and getting the conversation going,   Order here.

Attend public meetings on passenger rail issues, whether held by local government or civic or other groups.

Communicate with your elected representatives in person or otherwise.  You usually can contact them online, at a minimum.  Watch for their statements and votes on passenger rail issues, and thank them or express your disagreement, as warranted.  And just let them know from time to time you still are supporting passenger train service.

To confirm who represents you and how to contact them, click on these links

Wisconsin State legislators

Members of Congress

Wisconsin Governor

To confirm your city and county officials, check your local government Web sites.

Write letters to the editor of newspapers in your area, and encourage others to do the same.  Letters need to follow published guidelines, which vary from publication to publication. Most newspapers require letters to be original and not copies to others, and some also require that they are submitted exclusively.

Do you or your organization have a Web site that supports passenger rail?  If so, you can add our latest Rail Matters feeds to your Web site.  If you’re unsure how to do this, contact us at