A Station at the Airport! Yes!

We support one train station in Dane County located at the Dane County Airport.

Here's why:

As long-time train passengers ourselves, we believe any Madison station should:

* be easily accessible to a multi-county regional ridership which will provide the majority of passengers using this service

* serve passengers not only going to and from Milwaukee but traveling to and from 1,000 other rail-accessible locations in the U.S. and Canada

* allow for more travel choices through convenient connections with all other available modes of travel.

* recognize that the vast majority of passengers will use local surface transportation to and from the station, regardless of where the station is located.

We also believe that because fast trip times will be a major reason why people will ride the Chicago-Twin Cities high-speed corridor trains to and through Madison, that is best furthered by our having only one train stop.

With that in mind, we believe the Dane County airport offers the most benefits to the most passengers of the location options we've considered. Rail passengers are the group we've been serving, as our sole mission, since our founding in 1985.

Read about the factors we evaluated in arriving at our position.

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